Studio Lijn 14 builds vodcast studio

Because podcast is on the rise, it is more difficult to distinguish yourself. With a vodcast – a podcast with images – you can generate extra attention. There are several options for inserting images. For example as an additional option. Listeners then have the choice to listen audio only, but can also watch the podcast […]

Voice over for Love + Radio

If you like storytelling podcasts, you have probably heard of Nick van der Kolk’s American podcast Love + Radio. As far as I’m concerned, Love + Radio is one of the most beautiful American podcasts. And then imagine that as a podcast maker you are emailed by Nick van der Kolk with the question if […]

Hybrid meetings are here to stay

Before corona, it was inconceivable that guest speakers would call in during meetings, conferences or master classes because they are not physically present. Now in post-corona it is ‘business as usual’. At Studio Lijn 14, we purchased three more new cameras at the end of August 2021 to stream with remote-controlled cameras. A hefty investment […]

Buzzsprout hosting | We have it ourselves!

We may have been the first Dutch users of the American podcast host Buzzsprout in February 2015. Nowadays Studio Lijn 14 hosts dozens of podcasts at Buzzsprout and we see that the popularity of this professional host is also booming in the Netherlands. Buzzsprout is a dedicated podcast host with only one focus: podcast. Even […]

Studio Lijn 14 produces the Ruben Tijl Ruben podcast

Ruben Nicolai, Tijl Beckand and Ruben van der Meer launched their first podcast episode at the end of September 2020. It is a radio improv show. In the podcast they tell stories using a dice. You hear about the experiences of these middle-aged men who struggle with the important things in life, such as: baldness, […]

Embed Podcast from PodNL

On the podcast platform PodNL it is now possible to copy the embed code at the bottom of the podcast description. With the embed code you can easily embed your favorite podcast episode in a blog or perhaps in a post on your website. PodNL is an independent podcast platform with more than 1500 Dutch […]