Hybrid meetings are here to stay

Before corona, it was inconceivable that guest speakers would call in during meetings, conferences or master classes because they are not physically present. Now in post-corona it is ‘business as usual’.

At Studio Lijn 14, we purchased three more new cameras at the end of August 2021 to stream with remote-controlled cameras. A hefty investment where – before we took the plunge – we ran into a dilemma: will streaming disappear again when corona is completely under control and do we no longer need those new cameras? Or do we continue to use the insights gained?

We now assume the latter scenario and especially the hybrid form: physical & online. A harmony that applies to both visitors and speakers. For visitors, this means that they have the choice to participate in your conference or masterclass in person or online. But speakers also appreciate it in their busy schedules if they are offered the opportunity to ‘call in’ online to present and answer questions from the audience online.

On Thursday 23 and Friday 24 September we provided a livestream with question chat during the Vaccinology Masterclass. The dynamics between both the preachers and visitors was high and the interaction on the chat great. At the same time, the difference in perception between physical and online was very small.