We may have been the first Dutch users of the American podcast host Buzzsprout in February 2015. Nowadays Studio Lijn 14 hosts dozens of podcasts at Buzzsprout and we see that the popularity of this professional host is also booming in the Netherlands.

Buzzsprout is a dedicated podcast host with only one focus: podcast. Even though they had over 10,000 subscribers in 2017, it still feels like the helpdesk is located in your neighbor’s house. The response is fast, you always get a satisfactory answer and the contact is nice and informal. It is also possible that if you ask for a functionality that they do not yet have, they will develop it after good internal consultation.

An example of such a functionality that has been added by Buzzsprout at our request is that you can now replace or change an episode after it has been published for a long time. Being able to make such a change later is useful, for example, if you want to add or remove an advertisement. Or if you wake up sweating at night and realize you forgot to delete that ‘off record’ clip 🙂

What we also really appreciate at Studio Lijn 14 is that you can change the colors of the classic or new style podcast player by adding the house style colors under the tab[customize your player] † This way you can easily set up the player, in accordance with your own house style or that of your client.

Another great advantage of Buzzsprout is that you can create multiple authorization levels. This is especially nice for professional makers because they can then manage the hosting for clients in their own account and at the same time grant access to employees of the organization to consult statistics, for example. You can also add multiple podcasts to your account in the Buzzsprout dashboard, so you don’t have to log in and out all the time if you manage multiple podcasts.

Buzzsprout provides many functionalities such as an embeddable multiplayer, advertising tool, adding chapters and visual soundbytes. A functionality that still stands out for us is the Buzzsprout landing page. It’s basically a simple webite url where all your published podcasts appear with the most current at the top. The advantage of such a landing page that is automatically refreshed is that you only have to add the link to the page once, for example to the corporate website of your client.


We at Buzzsprout recommend Buzzsprout 🙂

Since April 2021 we have entered into a partnership with Buzzsprout. This means that Studio Lijn 14 earns something if you start a Buzzsprout account via this site. At the same time, you will receive – only when registering through us – an Amazon gift card worth 20 dollars (about euro 16.50). We would like to emphasize that everything we find and write about Buzzsprout is based on more than five years of experience.

There is well one viper under the grass. Buzzsprout is in Americain only :)

Finally, Buzzsprout uses the American system of subscription. This means that you can always cancel monthly because in America it is prohibited by law to register customers for a year, as is the case in the Netherlands when taking out a gym subscription, for example. You can also use the trial version for free for three months to see what you think.