Podcast kit + editing voucher

An entire podcast season in 1 suitcase!

With the voucher, organizations or self-employed people can record an entire podcast season independently with the supplied podcast kit. You do the recording, we take care of the editing and sound design, including music licenses. You do the recording yourself – at the office or perhaps at the guest’s location?

If you publish an episode every month – with the exception of July and August – you have secured your first podcast season with the purchase of the 10-editing voucher!

Always a good result

With the dynamic microphones you will achieve an excellent result in any furnished room. Due to the cardioid nature of the microphones, ambient noise is dampened, so that the voice sounds optimal.

The recorder has 4 microphone connections and 4 headphone connections. You can use the included mini jack cable to connect your smartphone to the recorder and thus have a telephone conversation with external guests.

Do you already have a recording set? You can also order the editing voucher separately.